Police Called After Furious Cat Holds Family Hostage “For Hours”

You don’t want to mess with Cuppy.

1. A woman and her daughter in Chula Vista, San Diego, had to call 911 after they were forced to barricade themselves in a bedroom to escape their pet cat.

10news.com / Via KGTV

2. The daughter apparently went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the feline, called Cuppy, cornered her for hours, KGTV reported.

10news.com / Via KGTV

When she tried to move the cat would attack her, and it ended up shredding her nightgown.

3. Neighbour Karen Yarger told the news station Cuppy was a “ball of fury”.

10news.com / Via KGTV

4. Chula Vista police said officers had been in the area and due to a lack of high-priority calls were able to help the women escape from the cat.

10news.com / Via KGTV

The news report claimed Cuppy had been with the family for 14 years but was sometimes a little “unpredictable”, especially when stray cats were in the area.

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