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    Crazy Photos Of Plane Fuselages Dumped In A River After A Train Derails

    What a mess.

    On Thursday a train in northern Montana derailed and sent three Boeing 737 fuselages into the Clark Fork River.

    Andrew Spayth / Reuters

    The 19-car westbound train had been carrying six plane sections when it came off the tracks.

    Kyle Massick / Reuters

    Boeing said the train was taking the parts to its factories in Washington state from Spirit Aerosystems when the accident occurred.

    No one was injured in the incident which is now under investigation.

    AP/Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting, Brock Sarbeck

    Rafters on the Clark Fork River captured the unusual sight at the weekend.

    AP Photo/Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting, Jerry Compton

    Josh Flanagan, from the rafting company Wiley E. Waters, said: “They really get to see the enormous size of those aircraft."

    Kyle Massick / Reuters

    “It’s not something you expect to float past when you’re on a river trip.”

    Montana Rail Link spokeswoman Lynda Frost said on Sunday as many as 50 people were working on removing the fuselages.

    AP/Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting, Jerry Compton

    The operation began at the weekend but may take until Tuesday to complete, officials said.

    Andrew Spayth / Reuters

    Frost said it could a day at a time to remove each of the 737 sections.

    AP/Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting, Brock Sarbeck

    Boeing said an expert team was currently assessing the damage.

    Andrew Spayth / Reuters

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