This Café Looks Like A Giant Vintage Camera And Is Utterly Beautiful

    The building was built by a former army helicopter pilot.

    This is the Dreamy Camera café in Yangpyeong, South Korea.

    The beautiful building is the brainchild of Park Sung-Hwan, a retired pilot.

    He lives next to the café with his wife, also a retired army helicopter pilot, their 8-year-old daughter and family dog.

    "I like taking pictures and my wife wanted to live in the countryside and likes coffee. So we open the camera-themed cafe in the countryside.

    "This cafe looks like Rolleiflex Camera and we have 50 vintage cameras on display in cafe.

    "We made a colourful image of what we wanted the cafe to look like. After six years of preparation, finally our dream came true in July 2013."