This Café Looks Like A Giant Vintage Camera And Is Utterly Beautiful

The building was built by a former army helicopter pilot.

1. This is the Dreamy Camera café in Yangpyeong, South Korea.

REX USA/Park Sung-Hwan / Rex

2. The beautiful building is the brainchild of Park Sung-Hwan, a retired pilot.

REX USA/Park Sung-Hwan / Rex

3. He lives next to the café with his wife, also a retired army helicopter pilot, their 8-year-old daughter and family dog.

REX USA/Park Sung-Hwan / Rex

“We wanted a lifestyle where we could be there for our daughter and we think we found one that can be fun,” Park explained.

4. “I like taking pictures and my wife wanted to live in the countryside and likes coffee. So we open the camera-themed cafe in the countryside.

REX USA/Park Sung-Hwan / Rex

5. “This cafe looks like Rolleiflex Camera and we have 50 vintage cameras on display in cafe.

REX USA/Park Sung-Hwan / Rex

6. “We made a colourful image of what we wanted the cafe to look like. After six years of preparation, finally our dream came true in July 2013.”

REX USA/Park Sung-Hwan / Rex

Check out more pictures of the cafe on its Facebook page here.

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