People Can't Work Out If This Impressive Jenga Move Is Real Or Not

    Worth keeping in mind that almost everything on the internet is fake.

    So this video is riding high on Reddit after being uploaded on Thursday.

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    Impressive, right?

    Well, this being the internet, there is considerable speculation that it could be fake, with some claiming the Jenga blocks could have been glued together for the trick.

    The person who uploaded the video, which is apparently of their sister-in-law, has yet to respond to the hundreds of comments on Reddit.

    (Redditors have also spammed the comment section under the YouTube video, because that's still funny apparently.)

    DKBobby, who uploaded the clip, last posted something on YouTube six years ago and this is only their second video.

    BuzzFeed News has also dropped them a line to try and get more details on the video.