People Are Really Unhappy With Scotland’s Commonwealth Games Kit

Made in Scotland, from curtains.

1. So Scotland has unveiled its parade uniform for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow later this month.

Rebecca Lee

The kit was created by textile designer and artist Jilli Blackwood.

2. According to a press release, the uniform “injects a contemporary twist to the traditional tartan outfits of past Games”.

Rebecca Lee

3. Unfortunately the reaction to the kit has been far from favourable:

5. There were jokes about new plans for the opening ceremony on July 23:

@Team_Scotland Seriously ? The team are going OUT like that ? !!

— Dougie Donnelly (@dougiedonnelly)

10. Inevitable independence gags.

I'd like to apologise for Scotland's outfits for this year's Commonwealth Games. They are horrendous.

— Scott Rhodie (@ScottRhodie)

Commonwealth Games volunteers' uniforms. I do hope they're selling replica kits

— Ian Prior (@ianprior)

13. Suggestions for the uniform’s real inspiration:

Scotland's Commonwealth Games outfits: They look like they're in a fancy dress episode of a Spanish soap opera.

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts)

I dunno, I quite like the Team Scotland Commonwealth Games parade outfit.

— Vanessa Motion (@vanessamotion)

Made in Scotland, from curtains.

— Helen Milburn (@HelenMilburn)

Scotland Commonwealth Parade kit? The designer must be colourblind! Not even traditional colours of Scotland!! Rubbish!!!

— Mark Chance (@markrchance)

That Scotland uniform for the commonwealth games is a real hum dinger. Whoever designed that has just sabotaged their own career.

— David Robertson (@daverobertson92)

Mortified by the games uniform for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games. It's hideous!

— Lucie (@superapple33)

19. It could be worse though, spare a thought for Australia…

Fear not Scotland fans, we aren't the only ones with dodgy Commonwealth gear. Someone tell the Aussies it's summer!

— Daily Record Sport (@Record_Sport)

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