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Passengers In “Miraculous" Escape After Pilot Lands Plane In Front Yard Using A Parachute

The pilot deployed the aircraft’s inbuilt parachute after suffering engine problems.

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A pilot and three male passengers escaped relatively unharmed after crash-landing in the front yard of a house in Lawson, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

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The Cirrus aircraft reportedly began suffering engine trouble 1,300 metres above the ground on Saturday afternoon.

When it became apparent the plane was going to have to make a crash-landing, the pilot deployed the plane’s inbuilt parachute to allow the aircraft to drift to the ground.

The plane miraculously managed to avoid houses and powerlines before landing in front of the property in Lawson.

All onboard escaped serious injury, with one of the passengers being taken to hospital with neck pain.

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Local resident Robert Ross is quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying: "I looked up and the engine started to splutter... he got it going again and then it went dead.

"It then started to go into a spiral. I thought the pilot was going to eject but it all happened too quick. I started yelling out to my wife 'There's a plane going to crash into the house'.

"I was s****** myself then it veered off and crashed about 400 metres away."

He added: "There was no fire. No explosions. I reckon the pilot did a good job, possibly with a bit of luck and possibly with a bit of skill."

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Local police officers are now looking into the exact circumstances surrounding the crash-landing.

“Officers have been told the pilot was forced to deploy the aircraft's parachute at 4000 feet following an emergency incident,” police said.

“Police are continuing their inquiries to establish the exact circumstances surrounding the incident.”

Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Steven Baker described the men's escape as "miraculous".