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People Are Freaking Out Over This Utterly Terrifying Football Mascot

Not sure the kids are going to like this one.

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Meet Kingsley, Partick Thistle’s new mascot.

Supplied / Thistle Football Club

Just look at him, all friendly and happy. In no way absolutely fucking terrifying.

The Scottish Premier League club unveiled Kingsley on Monday as part of an announcement of a new main sponsor – California-based investment advisory firm Kingsford Capital Management.

The club said the deal came about after Mike Wilkins of Kingsford Capital became a fan of Partick Thistle following a chance meeting with one of his favourite artists, David Shrigley.

Shrigley has since designed a logo for Thistle's shirt and the new mascot.

Introducing our new mascot, designed by @davidshrigley, Kingsley.

The reaction to Shrigley's design may not have been exactly what the club had in mind.

@ThistleTweet @STVGrant @davidshrigley What in God's name is that!!?

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

A lot of people wanted the mascot to cease existing pretty much immediately.

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley Kill it before it spawns.

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley KILL IT

Other were very disturbed after seeing Kingsley.

@ThistleTweet I think I need therapy after seeing this ...

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley OMG seriously? No way man! That monobrow alone is terrifying.

@ThistleTweet @BainsXIII @davidshrigley The stuff of nightmares

@ThistleTweet Assuming the idea is to terrify the other teams players into immediate submission @HuwgoBoss @davidshrigley

Some were worried about the kids.

@ThistleTweet that's going to scare the shite out of kids!!

I see Partick Thistle have unveiled a new mascot based on every nightmare I had as a child.

Some found it funny.

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you have a simpsons character as your mascot @TheCampaignClub

Some didn't.

@SM_0141 @ThistleTweet @davidshrigley what the actual hell is that shit. Why couldn't we of kept the toucan

@SM_0141 @ThistleTweet @davidshrigley Defo no renewing my season ticket now

And a lot of people had suggestions for what it looked like.

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley Looks like a shit Power Rangers baddie!

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley that looks like vomit

@ThistleTweet @RichCawleySLP @davidshrigley Looks like an evil Pokemon type thing! 😱

Mainly Lisa Simpson on a drugs trip.

@ThistleTweet @scottishbktrust @davidshrigley that kind of looks like Lisa Simpson on acid...... Should give kids sleepless nights.....

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley lisa simpson on eccies!

@ThistleTweet @KabilanGanesh @davidshrigley looks like Lisa Simpson on a LSD trip

@ThistleTweet @davidshrigley what is it? Its like seeing Lisa Simpson on a bad trip

There were other Simpsons references.

@richjamesuk @TomChivers @ThistleTweet @davidshrigley

And some tried their best to improve poor Kingsley.

Fixed that Partick Thistle mascot for you

Before and after a season watching Partick Thistle

Exclusive comment from Partick Thistle's new mascot.

Sorry Partick Thistle, someone had to do it.

Some trolled.

Others just got straight to the point.

@ThistleTweet @JamesLiamCook @davidshrigley he looks like a bloody wanker

Perhaps this should be the moral of the story.

@ThistleTweet sometimes having no mascot is a lot better than something like that being associated with your club.

And if you ever want to sleep again, don't click here.

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