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    Memorial To 7/7 Victims Defaced On Ninth Anniversary

    Police have launched an investigation into the graffiti.

    The monument in Hyde Park honouring the 52 people killed in the terrorist attack on London’s transport network in 2005 has been vandalised.

    James Banks reporter / Via Twitter: @Tweetingbanksy

    Metropolitan police confirmed officers had been called by a member of the public shortly before 3:30am on Monday, the ninth anniversary of the attack, and informed of graffiti on the memorial.

    The stainless steel columns were covered with slogans including “Blair Lied Thousands Died” and “4Innocent Muslims”.

    James Banks reporter / Via Twitter: @Tweetingbanksy

    Police said the alleged vandalism was now being treated as criminal damage.

    James Banks reporter / Via Twitter: @Tweetingbanksy

    “The graffiti consisted of several short sentences written in red and black paint and has now been cleaned off the memorial,” a spokesperson confirmed.

    James Banks reporter / Via Twitter: @Tweetingbanksy

    There have so far been no arrests.

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