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Meet The Man With 29-Inch Biceps

Arlindo de Souza is known as “The Mountain”.

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The dangerous craze is leading to infections, amputations and even fatalities.

Maria Andrade/Barcroft Media

Following the death of a close friend from the procedure, the Brazilian bodybuilder says he has stopped injecting the potentially lethal cocktail into his muscles.


“I felt his death a lot. He took it, I took it, but he went beyond the limit. I advise no one to take this oil.

Maria Andrade/Barcroft Media

“I've stopped taking it, and other things as well, but there is always that will to start again. But I'm managing to control myself, to this day.”

Despite the dangers involved, De Souza’s older brother reckons Arlindo is a hit with the ladies.

Maria Andrade/Barcroft Media

"The women around here and in other places admire him. They think he looks nice," said Adriano Jose Jordao de Souza.

Watch this video for more on De Souza's transformation.

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