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    Posted on Mar 6, 2014

    Meet The Human Etch A Sketch

    Sarah Beal can create designs on her skin that vanish within an hour.

    The 43-year-old has a rare condition called dermatographia which causes her skin to swell after even the smallest scratch.


    Beal isn’t letting her sensitive skin get her down though.

    She thinks the fact she can draw on her skin is ‘so cool’, admitting it’s her party trick.


    ‘The Etch A Sketch comparison is pretty accurate, although I wish a good shake was enough to get rid of the itching,’ she said.

    Beal discovered she had dermatographia after researching the condition online.


    ‘I grabbed a spoon and with the handle I drew a heart on my arm. When I saw it appear I loved it,’ she said.

    ‘I quickly took a picture of the heart and uploaded it to Facebook before it disappeared.’

    The 43-year-old claims she takes no regular medication to control the condition.


    She says clothes and jewellery can be uncomfortable but thinks her skin condition acts as a great conversation starter.


    Dermatographia is thought to be triggered when cells under the surface of the skin release histamines after experiencing the smallest amount of pressure, resulting in a type of allergic reaction.

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