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    Man Covers His Face In Bees And Tries To Down A Gallon Of Honey

    Don't try this at home, kids.

    Competitive eater LA Beast has raised the bar once again with his latest bizarre challenge.

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    (Warning: contains vomit.)

    He decided to drink a gallon of honey – containing over 24,000 calories – while covered in bees.

    What made the challenge even more tough was the fact that he hated honey and had been terrified of bees after being stung more than 21 times after stepping on a nest when he was a child.

    The 12-minute video above shows LA Beast tackling the extreme task and just failing to consume all the honey.

    He decided to chuck in the towel after vomiting repeatedly while trying to complete the challenge.

    One of his fans, Michelle Donaldson, who suffers from AML leukemia, apparently helped track down David, the beekeeper, and set up the video.

    Donaldson is currently awaiting a bone-marrow transplant. A donation page has been set up to help ease the financial strain of her medical bills.

    Here LA Beast visits her in hospital to complete a previous challenge.

    View this video on YouTube