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A Lot Of People Are Volunteering To Help Prince Harry After He Said He Was Looking For Love

The 30-year-old is currently single but says he's ready to settle down.

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Earlier this week, Prince Harry announced that he wanted to find someone to share his royal life and have children with.

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"Hopefully I’m doing alright by myself – it would be great to have someone next to me to share the pressure," he told Sky News.

It's fair to say a lot of people got rather excited by the news, and immediately volunteered to help the fifth in line to throne.


I heard that Prince Harry wants a wife and kids. I just want it to be known that I VOLUNTEER MY BODY AND SOUL.


In a new interview, Prince Harry said he would like to marry and have kids soon. Ugh, fine, I GUESS I'll volunteer, if no one else is.

since prince harry is an eligible I mean I volunteer

headline: prince harry is ready to settle down me: I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE


Wonder how many women are internally (or externally) screaming "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" #PrinceHarry

Apparently, Prince Harry is now ready for marriage. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE

Okay whatever I'll volunteer as tribute

Prince Harry of Britain is looking for love. I volunteer as tribute!! Hahahahaha. 😂


Apparently Prince Harry is looking for someone to be by his side and help with the pressures of royal life...I VOLUNTEER🙋🏼👸🏼

Apparently #PrinceHarry is looking for a wife. I volunteer.

Heard Prince Harry is looking to settle down and have kids... I volunteer as tribute! #takingonefortheteam


If prince Harry's looking for someone, I volunteer as tribute...

I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE RT Prince Harry reveals: 'I'd love to have kids right now':

Prince Harry wants to find love and have a family with them. I volunteer as tribute, good lord I will give him as many kids as he wants


Prince Harry has said he wants children and a wife... I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!


"Prince Harry is looking for love" I VOLUNTEER!!


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