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Listen To The Upsetting Difference Between The 2014 And 2013 F1 Engines

Fans and race chiefs are unhappy at the new sound.

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F1 bosses are facing a backlash over the sound of the new engines this year.

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This video shows the marked difference in the noise levels.

The new 1.6-litre V6 turbo-charged power units are considerably quieter than the old V8 engines and fans are not happy, likening the sound of the new units to a golf cart.

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The first grand prix of the season was won by Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg in entertaining style in Australia at the weekend but race chief Ron Walker has described the quieter sound of the cars as a “breach of contract”.

Speaking to Melbourne newspaper The Age he said: “I was absolutely delighted with the whole weekend, but I was not too happy with the sound.

"We are resolving that with Bernie [Ecclestone, the Formula One boss]. It's clearly in breach of our contract. I was talking to him last night [Sunday] and it's not what we paid for. It's going to change.

"If you sat in the grandstand you could hardly hear them coming down the straight."