Bill Shorten Receives Rockstar Welcome While Twitter Gets Confused Over PM's “Promise Of Australia”

    Look, Scott Morrison had a go. Or he got a go. Wait, is he getting a go? Is it a fair go for those who keep their promises?

    What you need to know:

    - The latest polling shows Labor still ahead just days out from the election

    - According to Newspoll, Bill Shorten's approval rating has improved

    - The Liberal party's housing deposit scheme to help first home buyers has been matched by Labor

    - Scott Morrison launched the Liberal's official election campaign in Melbourne on Sunday. His pledge to "keep the promise of Australia" left many confused

    - By the end of Saturday, over two million people had already voted

    Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of For The Love Of God Is It Over Yet?? We're now into the final week. On Saturday this will all be done (hopefully). So let's waste no more time and take a look what's been happening on the election campaign today. Such fun!

    First up — there has been another poll. Yeah so what?, I hear you cry. Fair enough. It's true, this one doesn't tell us much apart from Labor leader Bill Shorten's approval rating appears to have improved. This may well have something to do with the incredible own goal from the Daily Telegraph last week when it published a story on Shorten's late mother.

    While the headline #Newspoll numbers are largely unchanged from last week, Bill Shorten’s personal ratings received a boost #ausvotes

    It was the Liberal party campaign launch in Melbourne on Sunday, where voters were presented with a presidential-style event as prime minister Scott Morrison took to the stage by himself to make his big pitch to the nation.

    The event was in stark contrast to Labor's campaign launch the weekend before, where party leader Bill Shorten was flanked by his Cabinet and three former prime ministers sat in the audience.

    There was no party harmony stuff from Morrison, instead he attempted to woo first home buyers. A proposed scheme that would see only a 5% housing deposit needed for people earning less than $125,000 a year, or couples earning less that $200,000 a year, was announced. The government would apparently guarantee the rest of the deposit. The scheme would be capped at 10,000 loans a year.

    Labor immediately matched the promise on Sunday.

    On Twitter. This election announcement from Morrison over the weekend really caught the eye.

    It is my vision for this country as your Prime Minister to keep the Promise of Australia to all Australians.

    Basically, no-one had a clue what he was talking about.

    @ScottMorrisonMP You're having a go, you'll get a go, to have a go.

    Breaking: Labor to match the Liberal’s Promise of Australia (as soon as they figure out what it is).

    (Apparently talk of a promise of Australia can be linked back to a Bob Hawke campaign launch in 1987. )

    Media: What do you mean by "the Promise of Australia"? Morrison: I mean we're backing in...fair dinkumness... Media: That makes no sense. Morrison: How good is it? #ausvotes

    The Coalition candidates seemed keen to find the promise.

    Scott Morrison on Twitter

    While others were getting repetitive.

    Truly the social media election.

    Elsewhere, as the Coalition continues to attack Labor's plans to raise billions of dollars from changes to things like negative gearing, the ABC has reported Morrison also looked into changing housing tax concessions when he became treasurer. The prime minister said the issues were looked into and a decision was taken not to do anything.

    FOI document reveals Morrison considered changes to negative gearing

    Morrison, who turned 51 today, appeared on Sunrise this morning and declared he was "just getting started".

    Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP chats about lagging behind in the polls, first-home buyers help and what he's doing for his 51st birthday. #auspol

    Police are investigating after reports of an attempted arson attack on a car belonging to the Labor candidate for Dawson, Belinda Hassan.

    It's believed Labor's candidate for Dawson Belinda Hassan has been targeted in an arson attempt. It's understood the fuel tank of her car was broken into and a plastic bag was stuffed into the tank and set alight. Report on 7NEWS at 6pm. #7NEWS

    An electrical engineer has been suspended after asking Bill Shorten about Labor’s tax plan for high-income earners, the Courier Mail reported.

    A Gladstone Ports worker who questioned Bill Shorten about Labor’s tax plan for high-income earners has been suspended #ausvotes

    On Monday morning, the Labor leader said he was unaware of the issue, adding: "People are allowed to express their opinions and they should be able to do so without fear or favour, full stop."

    In the afternoon he met with pupils at St Joseph's Catholic College in East Gosford. He received a very warm welcome.

    They were VERY excited to meet the leader of the opposition.

    Incredible scenes.

    Bill Shorten is being mobbed by a crowd of teenage girls at St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford on the NSW Central Coast #AusVotes2019 #auspol

    Although, some did admit they didn't quite know why the politician was receiving such a welcome.

    Students Gabrielle Dyball and Isabella Dodsworth, both 15 and from St Joseph’s Catholic College, explain why their peers were so excited to see Bill Shorten #ausvotes @australian

    Shorten appeared on Insiders on Sunday and was asked about his pledge to subsidise workers in the childcare sector. He said Labor would "get wages moving" but wouldn't be subsiding aged care wages in the same way as childcare.

    “So what you’re saying is, you won’t be subsidising aged care wages in the same way? It won’t be government money?” @barriecassidy questions @billshortenmp over plans to top up wages in the childcare sector. #Insiders #auspol #AusVotes

    Shorten also said his commitment to the public broadcaster boiled down to two words: "ABC everywhere". In last week's costings, Labor pledged millions more for the ABC and SBS.

    Labor has pledged $40 million to @ABCaustralia and $20 million to @SBS over three years “to boost Australian content and stories on Australian screens” #AusVotes19 #auspol @SBSNews

    Insiders also featured former Triple J presenter Alex Dyson's campaign video:

    The only political spin you’ll get from me is a pirouette. #Vote1 Alex Dyson for #Wannon #auspol #AUSVote2019

    Meanwhile, the Australian Electoral Commission is trying to get hold of a certain "Edward Kelly" in Glenrowan, it seems.

    Election information sent to 'Edward Kelly, Glenrowan Pub'

    And the fight in Warringah continues to divide a community.

    Political balconies in Warringah #ausvotes

    Sleep well tonight everyone and make sure you come back tomorrow for more fun from the campaign trail.