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    Just A Great White Shark Eating An Inflatable Boat

    You’re going to need a better boat.

    This is what it looks like when a great white shark eats your boat.

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    The footage was captured by filmmakers at MaxAnimal while in South Africa.

    In a post on its Facebook page, the video channel said: “A Great White Shark attacked our boat last week in S.A. - a tough inflatable zodiac! One of the pontoons popped and it started to sink.”

    MaxAnimal / Via

    It also reassured viewers on YouTube that everyone escaped unharmed.

    MaxAnimal / Via

    “The shark is fine and so is the crew! Everyone made it out alive,” MaxAnimal said.

    “We weren't messing with the shark. It was completely unprovoked."

    MaxAnimal / Via

    “And we aren't scared of getting in the water. Soon we will be releasing some amazing underwater footage.”

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