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Jon Snow Danced On TV To Drake's "Hotline Bling" And It Made People's Christmas

The 68-year-old has got some moves.

On Saturday night, Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow appeared on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year and danced to Drake's "Hotline Bling".

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It's unclear what Snow meant when he later tweeted "I didna wanna do it" — whether he was referencing the dance or sharing a clip of his moves.

I didna wanna do it..but if you must..this is it: the Hotline Bling #hotlinebling

But it's fair to say most people absolutely loved it.

Jon Snow describing Hotline Bling is all humanity ever needs. #BigFatQuizoftheYear

Jon Snow dancing to Hotline Bling may be the best - and my most favourite - thing I've seen this year #bigfatquizoftheyear

SOBBING at jon snow dancing to hotline bling o m f g

Jon Snow has made my day with his hotline bling dance 😂

Jon Snow dancing to hotline bling has made my year I swear

Thought people were talking about Ned Stark's bastard Jon Snow with that Hotline Bling thing but that was 1000x better

Jon Snow dancing to hotline bling is my favourite thing ❤️

Jon Snow is a hero #HotlineBling #bigfatquizoftheyear

Watching Jon Snow dance to Hotline Bling is the best thing I've ever seen #bigfatquizoftheyear

Snow thanked viewers for their kinds words.

@khantaahira Ta are forgiving...there were some serious 'mis-steps'!

At 68, he may have just found his new calling in life.

@ClaudiaWinkle love you too! You covered up for some truly terrible footwork!!!

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