John Barrowman Kissed A Man During The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony And It Was Wonderful

And yes, he was born in Scotland.

1. This happened during the early stages of the opening ceremony in Glasgow.

2. And a lot of people were very happy.

gay kiss yes john barrowman #CommonwealthGames

— Eve (@eviiepevie)

#Glasgow2014 so far - awesome Gay Kiss, very odd hearing John Barrowman's Scottish accent, Dancing Tea Cakes. So a mixed bag really....

— elsdraeger (@elsdraeger)

It makes me strangely proud to be Scottish that to John Barrowman can kiss a man on live tv.

— Craig Drummond (@MisterDrummy)

A gay kiss in the opening ceremony of a competition featuring half of Africa. We're nothing if not fearless in Glasgow.

— Stefan Bienkowski (@SBienkowski)

Delighted to see a gay kiss on Gretna Green at @Glasgow2014 opening ceremony! #lgbti #visibility

— Scott Cuthbertson (@ScotCuthbertson)

First a gay kiss now multiple gingers on national TV - #Glasgow2014 really is breaking down the discrimination barriers!!!

— Andrew Sharratt (@Andrew_Sharratt)

12. There were a few nasty tweets aimed at Barrowman after the event, which he retweeted, but he refused to let them dampen his mood.

I am retwtin the neg because I want u all to see how bitter and Nasty and Neg some people r:) I am so happy right now. Jb

— John Barrowman News (@Team_Barrowman)

. @BobAshby @tootsdeville @thecgf you will never get rid of me:) enjoy the night don't be an asshole. celebrate Scotland. Jb

— John Barrowman News (@Team_Barrowman)

I'm Scottish and u can never take that away no matter what your politics are. Bitterness makes u ugly and old very fast:) happy jb

— John Barrowman News (@Team_Barrowman)

15. This graphic was shared widely as well to show the significance of the kiss.

Did you know that it's illegal to be gay in 42 of 53 Commonwealth countries. #Glasgow2014 #2014Ceremony

— Stonewall (@stonewalluk)

16. Well done, John.


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