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    James Corden Sings A Tribute To David Letterman Then Gives Sting A Slap

    The British pair didn't quite see eye to eye on what the lyrics should be.

    As you’ve probably heard, David Letterman brought his 33-year run on late-night television to an end on Wednesday night.

    The 68-year-old host’s final show attracted a host of celebrity cameos and touching tributes.

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    After the show, one of Letterman's late-night colleagues also took the time to say goodbye.

    Right after the Foo Fighters played out Late Show With David Letterman, British host James Corden started his Late Late Show with his own musical tribute to Dave.

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    As Sting sang and played "Every Breath You Take" outside the Ed Sullivan theatre in New York, Corden decided to add in some of his own lyrics “to make it a bit ghetto”.

    To which Sting replied: “We don’t need ‘a bit more ghetto’, it’s great song, it’s a tribute to Dave, it’s his last night, we don’t need none of that.”

    After their duet, Corden slapped Sting on the back of the head, paid him a dollar and remarked: "Not bad Sting, not bad at all."

    Corden, whose show is based in Los Angeles, paid further tributes to Letterman during his show.

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    "The idea that we here are able to follow David Letterman's last show is a special moment which is not lost on me or any of us here tonight," he remarked.

    "When I got this show I couldn't believe that I would be following David Letterman. I really couldn't. Neither could he. I think it might be the reason he quit."

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