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Here Are The Best Jokes On The Internet During The Tube Strike

It's not a proper tube strike until people start tweeting about their walks to the office.

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The London underground has been brought to a standstill today after thousands of members of staff walked out in a dispute over working conditions and pay.

Paco Anselmi / PA WIRE

Staff went on strike last night and are not due to return to work until this evening.

There are no services on any tube lines, and commuters are also facing disruption to First Great Western rail services in a separate industrial dispute.

Workers in London have had to find alternative routes to work this morning.

Like getting the bus.

Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE

Which resulted in pretty big queues at every stop.

It's just taken me nearly two minutes to walk the length of the bus queue at Victoria 😁 #TubeStrike

Ok it could be worse. I could be this guy walking to the end #tfl #tubestrikes

As a British person, i would like to thank this tube strike as it's giving me some quality queuing time. #tubestrikes

There were queues everywhere, to be honest.

#TubeStrike 8am Queue for the overground at Clapham Junction. Looks like I'm walking 😐

Queues out the door at Stratford international for high speed trains - avoid if you can #tubestrike

Prompting inevitable comparisons and jokes.

Shocking rush hour scenes at Kings Cross this morning. #tubestrike (with thanks @davidlberesford)

Bit busy today at Victoria station. #TubeStrike

When you're waiting for a bus during the tube strike but every single bus is full when it reaches your stop.

Disaster looms as temporary staff brought in during #TubeStrike

Please mind the gap between the timetable and reality. #Tubestrike

Some considered alternative forms of transport.

So, @TfL suggests we use alternative forms of transport. Reaches for a brolly #tubestrikes

Struggling to work during the #tubestrikes? Here’s how Boris Johnson is planning to travel...

Dreaming of a simpler time... #tubestrikes

Bloomin #tubestrikes mean I have to drive to the office today. The roads are at a standstill. #CountrysideProblems

There was some help at hand, like these old-school buses.

Nice to see the old retro routemaster London buses coming to the rescue! #TubeStrike

Although some got a bit too carried away.

This bus at #Paddington was so busy that even the bus driver came out to take a photo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #tfl #tubestrikes

A few people struggled with how to conduct themselves without the underground.

A woman who looks v. important in the City is hailing a big red bus as though it is a black cab. Londoners still getting hang of #TubeStrike

Some set new records for getting into the office despite the strike.

Earliest start ever! Thanks #tubestrikes 😭😭😭😭

And others didn't.

Me listening to people complain about #Tubestrike hell - while leaving it until 8.30/9am to commute

A lot of people decided to have a go at the whole walking-to-work thing.

Lovely day for walking.... #tubestrikes

And thankfully the weather was rather lovely.

Those poor brave Londoners facing sunlight on their way to work today. #tubestrikes

#tubestrikes what tube strikes?

This #Tubestrike is ridiculous I'm being forced to walk through beautiful architecture in the sunshine.

Which was lucky, because, as always, people had lots to say.

The only thing worse than the #tubestrike is having to get in-depth details of everyone's alternative journeys into work

This post has been updated to clarify that the industrial action is over pay and working conditions, not just pay.