Hackers Threaten To Release Domino’s Pizza Customer Data, Including Favourite Toppings

The information will apparently be released if a ransom isn’t paid.

1. A hacking group claims to have stolen the details of more than 600,000 Domino’s Pizza customers and is threatening to release the information unless a ransom is paid.

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2. The group, known as Rex Mundi, said the details would be released on Monday evening if they did not receive €30,000 (£24,000).

4. The hackers say they gained access to the details through the websites of Domino’s in France and Belgium.

5. According to the Telegraph, the details include customers’ names, phone numbers, passwords and favourite pizza toppings.

Rex Mundi claims it contacted Domino’s about the hack on Tuesday (June 10).

6. Domino’s France has apparently now acknowledged the hacking took place and has recommended customers change their passwords.

Reminder to all @dominos_pizzafr customers: if the company doesn't start paying us, we will release your data tonight.

— Rex Mundi (@RexMundi_Anon)

7. Andre ten Wold, of Domino’s in The Netherlands, told Dutch newspaper De Standaard the company would not be paying the ransom and said financial data had not been taken.

“There are clear indications that something is broken on our server. The information contained in them is protected,” he said.

“Financial data, such as credit cards, has not been stolen.”

He revealed a complaint had also been filed with a court in Paris.

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