German Town Plays Brilliant Prank On Neo-Nazis During Annual March

    The event turned into the country's most "involuntary walkathon".

    On 15 November, a group of neo-Nazis carried out their annual march through the town of Wunsiedel in east Germany.

    The event attracts hundreds of people to the site where Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy, was buried until 2011.

    The inhabitants of Wunsiedel had previously watched the march from a distance, the Washington Post reported, but this year decided they'd had enough and took action in the most brilliant way.

    The town turned the funeral march into “Germany’s most involuntary walkathon”.

    For every step they took, the neo-Nazis were effectively campaigning against neo-Nazis and financing more defections.

    The route of the march was lined with motivational posters, encouraging the group to keep on raising more money.

    There was even markings on the road, showing the neo-Nazis how much money they had raised.

    By the end of the march, the far-right supporters reportedly raised €10,000 for the EXIT Germany scheme.

    Rechts gegen Rechts filmed this video from the day:

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    The initiative also collated tweets and pictures from the event.