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    Mar 31, 2014

    For Some Reason This Guy Mixed Nutella, Coke, And Mentos In A Condom

    The results were explosive.

    Step 1. Smear Nutella on the top of a 1.5litre bottle of Coca-Cola.

    Step 2. Fill a condom full of Mentos mints.

    Step 3. Attach the condom to the top of the bottle and then empty the Mentos into the Coke.

    Step 4. Grab hold of the condom as it starts filling up with the Nutella-Coke mixture.

    Step 5. Start shouting excitedly.

    Step 6. Hold on real tight...

    Step 7. Boom!

    Step 8. Umm... start celebrating wildly.

    Step 9. NUTELLA!!!!

    The video was created by Italian magician Milleaccendini.

    View this video on YouTube

    He appears very pleased with his results and claims to have broken a nonexistent world record.

    Well played, that man.

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