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Filmmaker Uses Quadcopter And Rage Buggy To Create Micro Machines In Real-Life

Just wonderful.

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Filmmaker Philip Bloom has created a real-life version of the popular 1980s toy Micro Machines.

Using a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ quadcopter, Bloom shot the footage above a dirt track in Suffolk.

Bloom claims the brilliant video was shot in just 20 minutes.

The Rage Buggy was driven by Keith Maude, who apparently also owns the track.

The footage is pretty mesmerising at times.

Bloom said: "I was a bit slow at times reacting but it's quite tricky to do a natural move/spin if you need to suddenly play catch up."


"You just need to do it a few times to be ready... only had 3 tries!"


Check out the full film here.

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