Fighter Pilots Take Stunning Selfies With Dreamliner Jet

This is becoming something of a trend.

1. A pair of fighter pilots took these incredible selfies as they welcomed the Netherlands’ first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner jet last week.

2. The Royal Netherlands Air Force’s F16 demo team posted the images on its Facebook page on Sunday.

The post declared: “Now just before the weekend is over I have a premiere for you.”

3. “Last week Arkefly received its first 787-8 and this is the first one in the Netherlands. We were lucky enough to welcome them home.”

“Here are some shots for you to enjoy as well.”

4. Arkefly is the Dutch arm of the German travel company TUI.

The pictures were captured using GoPro cameras strapped to the sides of the cockpits, as seen in the top image.

5. The selfies have been released a couple of months after a picture of a Royal Danish Air Force pilot firing a missile from his F-16 jet went viral.

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