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    Fighter Pilots Take Stunning Selfies With Dreamliner Jet

    This is becoming something of a trend.

    A pair of fighter pilots took these incredible selfies as they welcomed the Netherlands’ first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner jet last week.

    The Royal Netherlands Air Force’s F16 demo team posted the images on its Facebook page on Sunday.

    Via Facebook: F-16-DEMO-TEAM-RNLAF

    The post declared: “Now just before the weekend is over I have a premiere for you."

    “Last week Arkefly received its first 787-8 and this is the first one in the Netherlands. We were lucky enough to welcome them home."

    Via Facebook: F-16-DEMO-TEAM-RNLAF

    "Here are some shots for you to enjoy as well.”

    Arkefly is the Dutch arm of the German travel company TUI.

    Via Facebook: F-16-DEMO-TEAM-RNLAF

    The pictures were captured using GoPro cameras strapped to the sides of the cockpits, as seen in the top image.

    The selfies have been released a couple of months after a picture of a Royal Danish Air Force pilot firing a missile from his F-16 jet went viral.

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