Just 27 Stupid Things You Missed From The First Week Of The Campaign Trail

    We've got a whole month left to go, kids.

    Behold Australia's prime minister and deputy prime minister chasing each other in a field of carrots.

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

    Such imagery can only mean one thing — it's election time!

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

    It's been a whole week since Scott Morrison announced the country will go to the polls on Saturday May 18. A whole week! What fun. Only four more weeks to go...

    Anyway, below is a collection of the most absurd, baffling and "entertaining" moments of the campaign so far.

    1. When a Liberal candidate invited 10,000 people to a cafe in Adelaide, without warning the cafe owners. Ten Thousand People.

    Watch the awkward exchange between @MikeSmithson7 and Adelaide Liberal candidate @ShaunOsborn1 after he sent out 10,000 flyers inviting constituents to a ‘listening post’ at a cafe, but didn’t ask the owner. Report in 7NEWS at 4pm and 6pm. https://t.co/RlScYNneh5 #ausvotes #7NEWS

    2. When a government minister voluntarily ate a raw onion and decided to share the experience with the world.

    Maybe @TonyAbbottMHR is on to something here... @onionsaust, what do you reckon?

    3. Whatever this is.

    The election has been called #auspol #politas #AustraliaVotes

    4. When Labor leader Bill Shorten asked a grown adult man if he was enjoying his school holidays.

    Bill Shorten asked this grown man if he was having a good school holidays. "It doesn't affect me", the man replies.

    5. When the prime minister decided to sit right in front of the TV screen during Game of Thrones.

    The PM takes a break from campaigning to watch Game of Thrones. Insert 45th Parliament based gag here @politicsabc #ausvotes

    6. When deputy prime minister Michael McCormack had this to say in the aforementioned field of carrots.

    Michael McCormack just gave this quote in Forth, Tasmania: "I'm only sorry I didn't bring a pocket of nails today because with this soil I could have thrown them in the ground and grown crowbars. That's the sort of potential that we've got here in Tasmania." #ausvotes #auspol

    7. And the PM wouldn't eat one.

    PM is visiting a vegetable farm in Tasmania, in electorate of of Braddon. Asked if he'll eat a carrot, says no.

    8. When Shorten set the agenda for the week by getting into a heated exchange with a journalist and then seemingly forgot his own policy on superannuation.

    In a fiery exchange on the campaign trail in Boothby, @billshortenmp has avoided questioning on the cost Labor’s emission reduction target would have to the Australian economy. MORE: https://t.co/XDlvROtOqW #kennyreport

    9. When Bill tried an oyster.

    Not sure how much Bill enjoyed that oyster #ausvotes

    10. When Bill had a thumb war on radio. Excellent audio content.

    Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE

    11. When the prime minister shot some pool.

    The PM joins local resident Noel in a game of pool @politicsabc #ausvotes

    12. Played some lawn bowls.

    The “have a go, get a go” PM tries his hand at bowls.. bare foot @ScottMorrisonMP impresses the crowd at Torquay #auspol @10NewsFirst

    13. And threw a paper plane in a pub.

    Dominic Lorrimer / AAPIMAGE

    14. When he struggled with the correct greeting.

    Ah the perils of the campaign street walk. Scott Morrison says “ni hao” to an Asian voter in Strathfield plaza, she responds: “I’m Korean.” #ausvotes

    .@ScottMorrisonMP has had his first street walk of his campaign in the inner west Sydney suburb of Strathfield, greeting locals and visiting a restaurant. @annelisenews: There was a bit of confusion about what kind of restaurant he was in. MORE: https://t.co/ykweMevBOK #auspol

    And then turned it into a joke.

    PM gets a laugh from the crowd when he says ... I'm no Asian languages expert so I'm just going to say g'day ... #ausvotes #AusVotes2019

    15. When Shorten watched a horse race on his phone while travelling on a bus.

    Opposition leader Bill Shorten watching the Winx race - “I love it when the favourite wins” ⁦@abcnews⁩ ⁦@politicsabc⁩ #AusVotes19

    16. And Morrison tried to make an analogy using the horse, an AFL player, and Labor's tax plans.

    "He's a big unit and you're not going to put a big unit on a horse if you want it to run fast." -PM on why Mason Cox shouldn't ride Winx (And you shouldn't burden the economy with taxes) #auspol

    17. And the AFL player responded.

    So confused. Who is Scott Morrison? Only kidding. Please give me citizenship. -❤ Mason Cox https://t.co/YkDzdkQqlL

    18. When this was shared on social media and deleted.

    Seriously, can @TonyAbbottMHR direct his Advance Australia attack dogs not to rub up against photos of his political opponent?

    19. This bus did the rounds.

    When Labor runs out of money, they come after yours. The Bill Truck is hitting the road today #BillBus.

    20. Game of Thrones was regularly referenced.

    #GOT concerns about Bill’s higher taxes? #GameOfThrones

    21. And Jurassic Park.

    Don’t let these dinosaurs get away with more cuts to schools and hospitals. Enrol to vote by 8PM Thursday! 🦖 https://t.co/h3yY7TZoqv 🦖 #auspol

    22. This newspaper tried to get journalists to ask the party leaders about its front page.


    23. Former prime minister Tony Abbot said "the so-called settled science is not quite as settled as people say" when asked about climate change.

    We asked @TonyAbbottMHR his position on climate change: "The so-called 'settled science' is not quite as settled as people say. And that's my position. Nevertheless, we've only got one planet. We should do what we reasonably can to rest lightly upon it." #AusVotes19 @SBSNews

    24. And then promptly restarted the leadership debate.

    Tony Abbott says he would be willing to resume leadership if drafted in https://t.co/oK0bhHGsVz

    25. When Clive Palmer said "I've always been unpopular, haven't you read the press?"

    Peak Clive: Reporter asks "Did you decide not to run for the seat of Herbert because you're now unpopular since the closure of QNI?" #auspol

    26. When Nationals MP George Christensen faced yet more questions about his travel to the Philippines and then deleted tweets about MPs expensing holidays.

    George Christensen has deleted a tweet he sent from the Philippines in 2017 https://t.co/mFqdFcjTTX

    27. And finally, when 73-year-old Bob Katter announced he isn't planning on retiring for another 12 years, because he can still beat his son in a sprint.

    “The whole nation will be bloody well sold off unless there’s a few people like myself around!” @RealBobKatter tells us about his plans to create another 200,000 jobs in North Queensland and promises he'll be around "no longer' than another 12 years. #9Today


    Enjoy the Easter break everyone — there's a lot more of this to come before May 18.

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