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A Father Sings To His Dying Newborn Son After His Wife Dies Following Childbirth

The video has spread across the world.

A heartbreaking video of a grieving father singing the Beatles' “Blackbird” to his dying newborn son after the mother died in her sleep following childbirth is being shared across the world.

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The clip shows musician Chris Picco singing to his son, Lennon, in the hospital shortly after the death of his wife.

Ashley Picco, 30, died following an emergency caesarean section at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital in California.

Ashley Picco Memorial Fund

Following her death a memorial fund was set up in her memory. It has already raised $60,000 (£38,000).

On 9 November, Chris wrote on the fundraising page thanking people for the outpouring of love and support for his family. / Via Facebook: chris.picco

"It's impossible to sum up what as happened in the last couple of days," he wrote. "My wife, best friend and mother of my child passed away. I have a lifetime to grieve this unspeakable loss, but I know that right now she would want me to focus completely on baby Lennon James Picco, who survived by an emergency C-section."

The video above was recorded on 11 November and uploaded to his friend K.C. Hohensee's YouTube channel. / Via Facebook: chris.picco

The clip has so far been watched over 215,000 times.

On Wednesday, Picco released this statement revealing some tragic news about Lennon:

Dear friends, family, and supporters; it is with an unbelievably heavy heart that I write this.

My little fighter, Lennon James Picco went to sleep in his daddy's arms late last night.

He was surrounded by family, friends, and the best doctors, nurses and hospital staff in the world.

He was dressed in an outfit that Ashley bought for him, with little guitars on it, and wrapped in a blanket made by a dear friend.

I am so thankful for the four unforgettable days I got to spend with him.

His mommy would have been so beyond joy to see him and to hold him, touch him, bathe him, sing to him - as I have had the privilege of doing.

I have been so blessed and honored to love him before he was formed, to cherish him while mommy carried him, meet him face to precious face, and hold his perfect little body while we said "goodbye for now".

There are no words, but I wanted to keep you updated, as your love and support has meant more than anything in the world.

All you need is love.

A memorial service for Ashley and Lennon is being held at the Loma Linda University Church of Seventh-day Adventists on Saturday.

A memorial page for the pair can be found here.

Ashley Picco died in her sleep following her caesarean section, according to the description of the video of her husband Chris singing to their child posted to YouTube. A previous version of this story said she died during childbirth.