Fans React With Shock As The Undertaker Loses At Wrestlemania

    Brock Lesnar brought The Undertaker's legendary winning streak to an end.

    On Sunday, the unimaginable happened — The Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania.

    Reaction to Undertaker losing the streak!!! #Wrestlemania (with Matt Wallington) ”

    The Undertaker had won all of his previous 21 matches at Wrestlemania.

    But Brock Lesnar caused one of the biggest shocks in wrestling history by bringing "The Streak" to an end.

    Undertaker's streak ends and THIS GUY becomes an internet meme forever ... #wrestlemania ......

    The crowd at New Orleans couldn't believe what they had witnessed.

    #WWE fans react to The Undertaker's Streak ending!!! #WrestleMania

    Fans were deeply upset at the result.

    They just wanted to pretend it never happened.

    Can we just pretend Undertaker didn't lose & the streak is still alive

    To hide and make it go away.

    The inevitable David Moyes jokes started.

    Every year under Fergie, Undertaker retained the streak, Moyes' first year in and Taker lost the streak! #MoyesOut

    And Tom Brady.

    Tom Brady's reaction to the Undertaker's streak ending at WrestleMania.

    But the fans' love for The Undertaker remained unwavering.

    I took this picture after The Undertaker's lost and man it's so sad. Been a hell of a 21 year streak #ThankYouTaker


    Undertaker's Legacy will never die. #ThankYouTaker #WrestleMaina