Everyone Needs To Stop Trying To Make Peeing Into Your Own Mouth Go Viral

Ewww no, stop that. (NSFW, includes nudity.)

1. So apparently there’s a rather disgusting new trend in Australia which involves urinating in your own mouth.

Adon1kam / Via imgur.com

This guy was reportedly caught doing it at a Trash Talk show in Melbourne recently.

The disturbing craze is known as “bubbling” and has been covered widely by some sections of the media.

2. Bubbling hit the headlines in Australia last month when rugby league player Todd Carney was photographed urinating in his mouth on a night out.

3. Unsurprisingly, the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks player was promptly sacked, with the club terminating his $650,000 (£350,000)-a-year contract.

His agent David Riolo later said the incident was meant to be a private joke “kept between mates”.

Just appalled by Todd Carney and that picture. Cargo pants are soooo last decade. Sack him!

— Peter Ford (@mrpford)

7. His agent declared:

It’s a setup, like when people stand in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Todd’s paid a very, very heavy price for a photo that he didn’t want out there or upload himself. It was supposed to be kept between mates.

He’s now got a photo of himself gone worldwide in not a very pleasant setting that’s going to be on the net for his family and everyone to see for future generations. That in itself is a very big price to pay.

8. The Australian media claims Carney’s actions have inspired others to get involved in bubbling.

9. Although it should be noted, the Facebook group in question only has 360 likes.

10. The claims bubbling has become a huge trend in Australia stem back to an article by Vice News from June 24.

In the piece, skater Troy West, AKA “Skategypsy”, claims bubbling is a worldwide phenomenon among skaters.

11. “It’s huge in Australia. It’s part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid,” he said.

In the same piece, West said bubbling makes you a better skater, adding: “It’s a pretty big statement. Try it and find the meaning yourself.”

Bubbling is yet another example of sexism in footy. How can ladies participate?

— Claire Sutherland (@brolga2)

13. Rather unsurprisingly though, it appears West may not have been telling the truth.

Apparently he and his skater friends made up the bubbling craze and have been trying to make it go viral for years.

According to Mashable, Australian skaters have bee trolling other skaters on tour for a while, trying to make them believe the whole “my father taught me” line.

I am so far out of touch with what blokes on the piss are up to these days. I can't really believe that Bubbling is craze now #geeup

— Stuart Beadel (@BIGnosestu)

15. Skater John Ryder told news.com.au: “Yeah, this doesn’t happen in Oz at all. Maybe one or two fruitcakes, but that’s it.

“I skate and live in Australia, and have never heard of ‘bubbling’.”

16. Brad Shaw, the president of the National Skateboarders Association of Australia, also said he wasn’t aware of bubbling.

So now we know, it’s just a bunch of skaters trolling everyone.

Can we please leave the piss-drinking to Bear Grylls.

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