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24 Electrifying Pictures Of The Best Light Art You've Ever Seen

The dazzling images were created using homemade tools.

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4. Describing his art, Hobson said: "It's very enjoyable jumping about waving lights, then rushing back to the camera to see what was captured by the sensor.

12. Hobson explained: “On one occasion, the images on the camera's screen persuaded members of the constabulary that despite me waving a power drill bedecked with flashing lights, I was in fact harmless.”

17. And prehistoric rock carvings.

Ian Hobson/Barcroft Media

“On one level, it's all very cerebral and abstract, in that I'd like the images and their mode of creation to be able to say something about the relationship between human cognition and space and time, but on another level I simply like making bonny patterns," he said.

18. “The lack of post processing in my light paintings hopefully raises some questions about the way in which our perception of the real world can be skewed by digital manipulation of images.”

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