Did You Know There Are A Whole Bunch Of Cannabis Plants Next To Famous London Landmarks?

Activists discreetly planted the cannabis a couple of months ago.

1. A group called Feed The Birds is trying to get the government to change the law on cannabis being used for medical purposes by staging a rather brazen protest.

Feed The Birds / Via Facebook: feedthebirds420

Participants in the #Feed420 campaign have been planting seeds next to landmarks such as the Tower of London and along the South Bank.

The campaign’s Facebook page describes its actions as a “peaceful and lawful” protest.

2. “We want every town, village and city to be covered in green […] minded people, feeding birds hemp seed,” the page states.

3. The group states three reasons why it is “feeding the birds”:

1. Birds need hemp seeds. Fact.

2. There is even a native British bird named after its love for hemp seeds. Fact.

3. Prohibition is a mockery of our human right to have access to MEDICINE. Triple fact.

4. Campaigners claim some of the cannabis plants placed in London are now three feet tall.

Feed The Birds / Via Facebook: feedthebirds420

The group’s spokesman Finn Hemmingway told the Evening Standard: “The oldest are three months old and were planted eight to 10 weeks ago.”

5. “I think a fair amount of them have gone unnoticed, in the coming months they will become more obvious.”

Feed The Birds / Via Facebook: feedthebirds420

“The war on drugs is a catastrophic failure, and I think that cannabis growing openly on the streets of London emphasises how ludicrous our drug laws are.

“Putting a human in a prison cell for using a plant is the crime.”

6. A Home Office spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed the seeds are not banned and it is the cultivation of the plants which is an offence.

BuzzFeed has also reached out to the Feed The Birds campaign for a comment.

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Richard James is acting head of news for BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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