Daredevil Travels The World To Perform Extreme Handstands On The Edge Of Buildings

Do not look down.

1. Scott Young likes to perform handstands.

Tony Kershaw/SWNS.com

2. Not any old handstand you understand, the 25-year-old lives life on the edge.

3. The British freerunner has travelled the world performing a series of extreme stunts on the edge of tall buildings.

4. He records his terrifying stunts using a camera built into his shoe.

5. His mother though is not a fan of his stunts.

6. “She got a bit annoyed when I showed her the first video, so I’ve stopped telling her about them now,” he said.

http://3RUN/ / Via SWNS.com

7. Young is a professional freerunner and part of the 3RUN team of acrobats.

8. He has performed stunts in India and China.

9. Young has been freerunning since he was 15.

10. Some of the stunts are quite incredible.

11. And very dangerous.

12. They can be visually stunning.

13. Just hanging out.

14. Check out one of Young’s most extreme stunts in this video.

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