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A University Student Threw Up In The Middle Of A Lecture When Her Professor Mentioned Jägermeister

[Insert "chundergraduate" joke here.]

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A first-year student apparently threw up during an English language lecture at Oxford University when her professor started talking about Jägermeister.

The Tab / Via

According to The Tab Oxford, the incident occurred when Charlotte Brewer began talking about colloquialisms such as "banter" and “lord of lash” during the 2pm lecture.

When she mentioned Jägermeister and the history behind the liquor’s name, the fresher reportedly began to vomit on the floor.

Brewer is said to have carried on talking, unaware of what was happening, as fellow undergraduates helped the female student by fetching tissues.

The Tab / Via

Having made an attempt to clean up the mess, the first year then made a hasty exit before the lecture ended.

Someone claiming to have been present at the time told The Tab, “It was hilarious, the whole room one-by-one became aware of it like a domino effect. She looked horrified and was frantically asking for tissues.”

The university newspaper said it remained unknown whether the woman was ill or simply feeling the effects of the night before.