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    Check Out What Britain’s "Fattest Teenager" Looks Like After Losing 70kg

    Nathan Hewitt weighed 146kg when he was 15.

    Hewitt decided to turn his life around when he was unable to ride a roller coaster at Alton Towers because the safety bar wouldn’t fit over him.

    Wales News Service

    At the time he was said to be one of Britain's most obese schoolchildren after bingeing on fast food.

    The 23-year-old has now lost half his body weight and is keen to help other obese children.

    Wales News Service

    He been given a £6,000 grant from the Welsh government to help set up his own fitness firm.

    Tom Martin/Wales News Service

    ‘A lot of obese children don’t think they can make the changes they need to lose weight but I’m there to show them they can,’ he declared.

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