Bull Runner Faces £2,400 Fine After Taking Dangerous Selfie

All selfies should come with fines.

1. Police in Pamplona, Spain, are said to be searching for this man who apparently took a selfie while taking part in San Fermín, the city’s annual running-of-the-bulls festival.


He could be facing a €3,000 (£2,400) fine under new rules for the dangerous event.

The restrictions prohibit the unauthorised use of recording devices while the bulls are running through Pamplona’s streets.

2. Footage from the fifth bull run, which took place on Friday, appears to show the man slowing down to take the picture or video.

3. The annual San Fermín festival took place from 6 July to 14 July this year.

AP/Andres Kudacki

4. There were numerous injuries.

Vincent West / Reuters

5. Fifteen people have been killed in the event since it began in the early 1900s.

Christopher Furlong / Getty

Despite the dangers, the festival continues to attract tens of thousands of people each year.

6. The new ban on recording devices is part of a wider crackdown on dangerous behaviour during the intense running.

AP/Alvaro Barrientos

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