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    There's Someone On Vine Pretending To Be Batman Living In London And He's Hilarious

    Just don't give him crackers.

    Batman London describes himself simply as a "the batman from London".

    His witty skits on Vine show the Caped Crusader struggling with a series of mundane everyday scenarios.

    And reminders of his lost love.

    There is little information about the Batman London account and he has yet to post a video in July after posting just twice the month before.

    He has still managed to attract almost 6,000 followers on Vine.

    And his videos have been played over 350,000 times.

    He is at his best when struggling with mobile phone apps such as Flappy Bird.

    And Siri.

    There is another Batman-inspired Vine user out there as well.

    BatDad has almost 2.5 million followers thanks to his wonderful clips showing him trying to look after his kids and frustrating his wife.

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