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BaneCat Is Back And Even More Terrifying Than Before

"Feed me… and then you have my permission to clean."

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The second episode of BaneCat, the feline who wants to watch the world burn, has been released.

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In the new installment, BaneCat is taken to the vet....

Who makes the rather unwise decision to try and remove the evil cat's mask.

"It will be extremely painful."

"It will only be for second...""For you."

"It will only be for second..."

"For you."

BaneCat remains as belligerent as before and refuses to go for a walk.

"Time to go mobile."

"Time to go mobile."

He's also made a new friend...

"How good of you to join us."

"Feed me... and then you have my permission to clean."

BaneCate's reign of terror could soon be coming to an end though, with the new episode ending on a giant cliffhanger.