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    Astronaut Rick Mastracchio Takes Amazing Selfie In Space

    Space selfies are the only selfies worth taking.

    Nasa astronaut Rick Mastracchio took a fantastic selfie on Wednesday.

    An EVA selfie. The space suit makes it very difficult to get a good selfie. I tried several today.

    The 54-year-old American took the picture during a spacewalk on the International Space Station.

    In front of the Japanese modules on today's EVA. Not a selfie.

    He took a number of impressive pics during the EVA - Extra-Vehicular Activity.

    A picture of the Space X Dragon from our EVA today.

    Mastracchio is part of Expedition 39 to the International Space Station and has been on the mission since November.

    Worked 8 hours in airlock replacing pump in spacesuit. Many very small pieces which makes tough work in 0 G

    During his time in space, the American astronaut has taken a series of stunning pictures and uploaded them to his Twitter feed.

    Northern lights last night over Canada.

    The images have helped him attract over 66,000 followers on the social network.

    Mastracchio may well have been inspired by Commander Chris Hadfield, who captured the world's imagination with his tweets from the ISS in 2013.

    Long Island, CT, MA and more. Our orbit is swinging west so that soon we will get some great US day passes again

    Keep tweeting Rick, keep inspiring.

    We often look for sun glint to bring out details in waves, bodies of water but here we see the whole sun reflecting