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Andy And Jamie Murray Squabble On Twitter Over Who's Their Mum's Favourite Son

The British tennis stars compared their preferential treatment.

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On Friday, Judy Murray, the mother of tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray, posted this tweet.

The Special One with My Special One.

The "Special One" is a reference to the nickname Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho gave himself when he arrived in England in 2004.

And "My Special One" refers to Judy's son, and world No. 3 Andy Murray.

Which was a rather lovely thing for Judy to tweet.

Unless you're her eldest son, Jamie.

Andy was quick to remind his older brother that Jamie apparently always got the best presents at Christmas and the bigger bedroom.

@jamie_murray @judmoo we all know you are number 1 son noobs... Best presents at Christmas, bigger bedroom, blame everything on me etc

Although Judy pointed out that Andy did get a hamster AND a goldfish when the brothers were growing up.

@andy_murray @jamie_murray u got the hamster and the goldfish tho......and the close encounter with the snake :)

Jamie though quickly brought the conversation to an end with this tweet.

@andy_murray @judmoo times have changed.. Now your bedroom is bigger than my apartment and I'm no longer the favourite son.. :'(

Now, now boys, play nice.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images