An Author Caused An Uproar After She Tweeted Photos Of A Rabbit She Killed, Skinned, And Ate

“The skin makes a great glove puppet.”

1. Award-winning author Jeanette Winterson has sparked a passionate debate on Twitter after uploading pictures of a rabbit she killed in her garden before eating it.


2. The Oranges are not the Only Fruit writer posted the images on Sunday after catching the rabbit eating her parsley.

3. The 54-year-old tweeted pictures of the skinned rabbit.

4. And showed it being cooked.

5. She even posted pictures of her cat eating the rabbit’s innards.

Oops. You need THIS photo.

— JEANETTE WINTERSON (@Wintersonworld)

7. The images received a mixed reaction on Twitter, with some expressing their anger at what they deemed animal cruelty, especially after the author said the rabbit’s skin would make a “great glove puppet”.

@prixpics In a trap next to the parsley bed. The skin which includes the head makes a great glove puppet

— JEANETTE WINTERSON (@Wintersonworld)

@Wintersonworld hope the rabbit chokes you wicked old cow

— Adrian Ellis (@Adr2710)

@Wintersonworld you are vile. Yes rabbit can be eaten but to kill your own pet and then....

— Abbie Ross (@absross)

@Wintersonworld ......glamorise it is disgusting. I hope the @RSPCA_official get hold of u

— Abbie Ross (@absross)

@Wintersonworld If there is let me know, because I'd quite like to do the same to you. You're equally bigoted & conceited.

— Christina Wellor (@ChristinaWellor)

@Wintersonworld You're a heartless cunt! Plant something for the rabbit, fence the rest off & leave things be. There's no need for this

— James Fallows (@James_Fallows)

@Wintersonworld this is out of order and I think that you should remove this picture, if you have trapped this poor animal you don't need

— claire parsons (@panda1978)

@Wintersonworld to gloat about it

— claire parsons (@panda1978)

@Wintersonworld u are disgusting..its the fact u making a joke of this. I notice u call urself a 'nature lover' maybe u should change that!

— Kirsty Leighton (@LadyKoist)

@Wintersonworld, if you think the stronger species survives, can't wait to see you get caught by a lion

— adriana zidu (@adrianaazidu)

@Wintersonworld that's absolutely disgusting, it's not up to you to kill the rabbit, what gives you the right, it's sickening

— PLEASE LUKE (@ChloeNeillJLS)

@Wintersonworld everything has a right to it ok to start killing people because there are too many of us...NO! vile bitch!

— Kirsty Leighton (@LadyKoist)

@Wintersonworld You are disgusting! That poor innocent animal! Anything for publicity!

— Kerrie (@MissChief77)

@Wintersonworld #before i unfollow u,u make me sick. I will never again. read a word u write. Rest in peace little rabbit.

— jacqueline looker (@lepavego68)

It's one (bad) thing eating meat. But photographing killing & skinning an animal & bragging about it, is quite another. @Wintersonworld

— Christina Wellor (@ChristinaWellor)

@Wintersonworld Thing is that most decent people don't feel a need to post such a graphic image & joke about it. That's the difference.

— HollyHox (@HollHox)

24. There was considerable support for the 54-year-old as well though.

Some people very unhappy about @Wintersonworld killing a rabbit. We'd all have more respect for food if we had to kill it once in a while.

— Malachy Tallack (@malachytallack)

@Wintersonworld makes perfect sense to me. And I'm a vegetarian!

— Ruth Rosselson (@RuthRosselson)

So Jeanette Winterson @Wintersonworld killed & cooked a rabbit. This is news? How do you think supermarkets get their meat? By killing it.

— Robert (@bbqbobs)

Think that @Wintersonworld is absolutely spot on with rabbit tweets. Good food, humanely sourced in an ecologically sensitive way...

— Gareth Morris (@Gareth_E_Morris)

What a world when people complain @Wintersonworld for humanely killing/eat a rabbit but will guzzle a @McDonalds down...

— Fantastical Dom ツ (@Fantastical_Dom)

@Wintersonworld. Totally with you on the rabbit thing. Carry on!

— Steve Kirby (@Stevok)

I have total respect for what you did,@Wintersonworld and Im a vegetarian. Rabbits are a pest, meat farms are cruel, This is a good solution

— Neil Sinclair (@neilsinclair)

Women being stoned to death in Lahore, girls being raped and hung in Uttar Pradesh and ppl upset about @Wintersonworld skinning a rabbit!

— John Westwood (@DaDoJohnJohn)

@Wintersonworld A storm in a D cup! Looks delicious. Rabbits have moved into my garden but fond of them.

— Michele Knight (@MicheleKnight)

@Wintersonworld I'm vegetarian - but agree wholeheartedly.

— CazzPink (@CazzPink)

34. Winterson remains unrepentant and said she was interested in the debate her posts had caused.

RABBITS! Fascinated by the vast conversation. Decided to follow thru with photos. I eat wild game&fish. Learned to skin, pluck, gut, bone

— JEANETTE WINTERSON (@Wintersonworld)

35. On Tuesday she posted pictures of her garden, allegedly eaten by the rabbit.

Picture of eaten alive rose (8more!) All old fashioned varieties planted for bees.

— JEANETTE WINTERSON (@Wintersonworld)

Picture of my sprout plants grown from seed after rabbit attack!

— JEANETTE WINTERSON (@Wintersonworld)

37. And this morning, the author stood by her view that rabbits must be culled at their current levels.

Rabbits! At pest level they must be culled. This year is pest level in the countryside. Rabbits are sold @ market. Why not eat what u catch?

— JEANETTE WINTERSON (@Wintersonworld)

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