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    Africa’s “Last Polar Bear” Has Died After Pining The Loss Of His Partner Of 27 Years

    Zoo staff are distraught.

    Wang, who was thought to be the last polar bear in Africa, has died at a zoo in South Africa.

    Facebook: JohannesburgZoo

    The news of the 30-year-old bear's death was announced on Wednesday.

    Johannesburg Zoo said staff were distraught at the announcement.

    A statement said the chief veterinarian, Dr Brett Gardener, took the tough decision to put Wang down due to the bear’s chronic arthritis and liver failure.

    The zoo said Wang had been pining the loss of his partner of 27 years, GeeBee, who died earlier in the year.

    Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

    The statement added: “His distraught keeper Ms Agnes Maluleke ensured that in the recent weeks, his days were filled with enrichment programmes and special treats, including his own Valentine’s Day celebration this year.”

    The zoo apparently does not plan on replacing the bears.

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