Aaron Paul Is Turning On People’s Xboxes Without Their Permission

A new advert is to blame.

1. Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul stars in a new advert for Microsoft’s Xbox One, but there’s a slight problem.

When Paul says “Xbox On” at the beginning of the ad it is causing people’s consoles to boot up using the Kinect voice sensor.

2. Reddit users seem to be finding the problem quite amusing.

5. People on Twitter have also been posting about the glitch.

That Xbox One commercial with @aaronpaul_8 just turned on my Xbox.. I can't even get it to do that...

— Marvin. (@SousChefRuano)

Aaron Paul just said "Xbox on" in the new xbox one commercial and my xbox one turned on soooo that's pretty cool I guess

— Blake Bickett (@blakebickett)

HAHAHA omg. @aaronpaul_8 just turned my Xbox One via the Xbox advert. (Which triggered the IR blaster to switch my TV off..) Amazing.

— Qassim (@DrW_Qass)

So whilst @aaronpaul_8 was talking on the Xbox ad, he said "Xbox on" and my Xbox turned on. Aaron Paul turned my Xbox on.

— Joel (@Podtrollski)

@Xbox your new TV advert is annoying the hell outta me. Aaron Paul keeps turning my console on… #stooooop

— Tom Neal (@TomNeal)

That #XboxOne commercial with @aaronpaul_8, aka Jesse Pinkman, just turned on my damn Xbox when he said "xbox on"

— KingsAllDay (@HereWeVivek)

12. Microsoft has yet to comment on the issue, while Paul has not responded to all the tweets directed at him about the advert.

Microsoft / Via youtube.com

13. Somehow we doubt he really cares.

AMC / Via giphy.com

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