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    A Seagull Photobombed The Red Arrows And The Image Went Viral

    Jade Coxon took the picture at the Llandudno Air Show in north Wales on Saturday.

    A British student has spoken of her shock after a picture she took of a seagull appearing to join the Red Arrows spread across the world.

    Ross Parry / Via

    Jade Coxon took the picture of the bird photobombing the aircraft while at the Llandudno Air Show in north Wales on Saturday.

    The 18-year-old uploaded the image to Facebook. It then found its way onto Imgur and Reddit, racking up over a million views in the process, The Telegraph reported.

    "It was mainly luck but I was really happy with it. I saw the seagull fly in the way of the picture before I took it,” ITV News quoted the Chester University student as saying.

    Ross Parry / Via

    "It is completely covering the plane so you can't see it and the airtrail is behind the seagull. I was there to take pictures of the air show, I was taking pictures of the planes and the seagulls as well and then both things joined together.”

    Coxon said people from all over the world had now seen her picture. She was especially pleased that her family, including her father – who is a professional photographer – were proud of her work.

    Ross Parry / Via

    "It's been really busy for me for the past three days," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

    "It is hard to tell how many [views it's had] in total as it spread over so many websites. It has given me a real boost to keep putting content up."

    She wasn’t the only person to capture the photobomb though. Lesley Bond, 49, took a similar picture at the air show.

    Ross Parry / Via

    Bond, a support worker from Penmaenmawr, took the picture on her phone while sitting in her convertible with her husband, the Daily Post reported.

    She said she did not realise Coxon had also taken a similar image.

    Someone else on the ground took a third picture, the Daily Post reported, but it didn't show the seagull in perfect formation with the Red Arrows.

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