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A Photographer Is Taking The Most Adorable And Touching Pictures Of Incredibly Old Dogs

Pooches growing old gracefully.

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Photographer Pete Thorne has created a wonderful series of portraits of elderly dogs, entitled OId Faithful.

On his Facebook page, Thorne, who is based in Toronto, Canada, said he's shooting the pictures for a potential book and gallery show.

The project has generated considerable interest, with numerous owners getting in touch with him every day asking for their pet to be included.

Below are 16 of the dogs who have been photographed for the series so far, along with descriptions of some of them from Thorne's Facebook page.

2. Bodley

Peter Thorne / Via

A 12-year-old boxer and Staffordshire terrier mix.

His owner, Tiffany, said that while Bodley's arthritis limits his flexibility, it hasn't limited his enthusiasm for going for walks and exploring leaves.

"His eyes might be weakening, but there is nothing wrong with his nose which still can sniff out a delicious discarded pizza crust at 20 feet," she said.


7. Toto

Peter Thorne / Via

A 16-year-old cairn terrier mix.

His owner, Janine Ross, said she rescued Toto when he was 7 years old.

"Toto was scheduled to be euthanised because of his inappropriate urination issues," she said. "Poor little guy only had one descended testicle."

His previous owner refused to have him neutered, even though the procedure would have resolved the issue, and wanted to have him put down. But, Ross said, the vet refused and Toto was signed over to the clinic, which "is when our love story started.

"He lived at the clinic for 30 days before I started sneaking him into my parents home and hiding him in my bed. I eventually got caught and at the age of 18 years old I got down on my hands and knees and literally begged my parents to keep him and it worked! He became a part of the family and still is to this day.

"At his young age of 16 his recent examination and blood work checked out well. He has arthritis in his spine, no spleen, deaf and cataracts but this does not slow him down, especially at dinner time."


11. Mance

Peter Thorne / Via

A 3-year-old English bulldog.

"He has bone cancer that adds a lot of character to his face," Thorne wrote.

"He's in a pretty fragile state so I made my first trip out of the home studio to photograph him, in all his asymmetrical charm."


12. Finnegan

Peter Thorne / Via

A 12-year-old Brussels griffon smooth coat or petit brabançon.

According to Thorne, Finnegan has a heart murmur and has had multiple teeth pulled out.

He is still in great health for his age though.

15. Hazel

Peter Thorne / Via

"She was named after Hazel McCallion, the mayor of Mississauga," Thorne said.

"This tough old gal had both her eyes removed due to pain and no tear production, and has five microchips from being rechipped every time she was sold to a new puppy mill.

"Luckily she was rescued and adopted."