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    A Man Claims He Got His Penis Stuck In A Pipe After Slipping While Painting Naked

    He was stuck for TWO DAYS.

    As embarrassing excuses go, this is right up there. Lian Tien, 61, reckons he was painting naked when he slipped and got his penis stuck in a pipe.


    The poor chap was so ashamed and convinced people wouldn’t believe his tale that he stayed stuck to the pipe for two days in China’s Quanzhou City.

    Firefighters eventually had to rescue him by using an electric saw to cut the pipe away from his penis.

    It was hot so I was painting the wall in the nude. I slipped on the floor causing my private parts to fall inside the pipe that was protruding from the wall to take water outside from the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, I got stuck as a result.

    He added: "I cut it from the wall and tried pouring oil and liquid soap down the sides but my manhood was so tightly wedged that nothing dripped down."

    "I went to sleep thinking that if I relaxed it would slide off. But it didn't. It began to get red and inflamed. I was worried that I would get a terrible infection."


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