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17 Times People’s Tattoos Made You Give Up On 2015 Already

We're only a few weeks into the year but there have already been some mighty impressive efforts, including a Louis Theroux masterpiece.

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1. The people getting Miley Cyrus songs tattooed on their bodies in the form of emojis.

2. The guy who got a tattoo of Louis Theroux's face on his leg. In blue.

3. Ed Sheeran and John Mayer unveiling tattoos they designed for each other.

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One said "Kool Guy" and the other was a cat's face.

4. Remember the hero who went viral after explaining how cold it was in Ireland? Well someone got a tattoo of his catchphrase:

5. Football legend Lionel Messi got a huge new tattoo on his arm and no one had any idea what it was.

RT @DTElComercio: #LionelMessi estrena tatuaje y despierta curiosidad de todos ⏩

El Comercio@elcomercioFollow

RT @DTElComercio: #LionelMessi estrena tatuaje y despierta curiosidad de todos

3:53 PM - 06 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

6. Darren Williams, from Bristol, spent £4,000 getting his back tattooed as a tribute to Only Fools and Horses.

7. Katy Perry's dancing sharks were immediately crowned the best thing about Super Bowl XLIX, so obviously someone got one permanently tattooed on their body.

Also shout out to this guy who loved the Sharks so much he drew blood for them 👊

KATY PERRY@katyperryFollow

Also shout out to this guy who loved the Sharks so much he drew blood for them

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8. And of course there were the overconfident Seahawks fans who were left looking rather silly after the Patriots' second-half comeback.

9. Nope, that's never coming off.

10. Say hello to Maria Jose Cristerna, also known as Vampire Woman, who turned up at the Venezuelan Tattoo Convention.

Jorge Silva / Reuters

11. And take a look at someone getting their eye tattooed black at the convention. Or don't. Your choice.

Jorge Silva / Reuters

12. Miley's fish apparently died recently.

So she reportedly decided to get a tattoo of the pufferfish, Pablow, on her left arm.

13. Cricketer Kevin Pietersen got a star marking every place he scored a century for England tattooed on his torso.

14. EPSN pundit Craig Burley made a bet that Fernando Torres wouldn't score against Real Madrid, and then he did. And Burley got a tattoo.

ESPN / Via

15. A student got a tattoo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

16. Australian street artist, Illma Gore, is getting her entire body covered in people's names and designs.

She has so far raised around $14,000 for the project.

17. And Holly Aston, from Druids Heath, Birmingham, made the news in early 2015 thanks to her rather unique shoulder tattoo.

Birmingham Mail

2015 is looking destined to be yet another stellar year for regrettable tattoos. Great work, everyone.