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19 Honest Confessions From An Ann Summers Worker

No, you can't "try before you buy".

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3. We shouldn't have to tell you that you can't go into the fitting room together.

You aren't allowed to in any other shop, so why do you think it's acceptable to do it here?


4. And asking us whether you can try the toys before you buy them is not a new joke.

Richard Duggan / BuzzFeed

It wasn't funny the first time we heard it, and it's not funny now. Also, we don't need that mental image.

5. Working on greet is the most soul-destroying part of the job.

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You hate being greeted. We hate greeting you. It goes against everything British, but we have no choice. Please take pity on us.

6. And we spend the whole year dreading sale season.

We spend hours rearranging the shop and putting stickers on knickers. And then when the sale starts, we just wade through the chaos left behind by bargain hunters.

7. When 50 Shades of Grey came out, we got so much busier.

First the book, and then the film. Both releases kept us super busy on the shop floor.


9. We hate directing you to other retailers when we don't have what you're looking for.

Viki Bodnar / Via Facebook: viki.bodnar

Boux Avenue and La Senza are our natural enemies. But sometimes we have to admit we haven't got the one thing you're looking for.

10. We always get competitive over upselling new stock.

Richard Duggan / BuzzFeed

We're all in competition to prove we're the best at selling, so when our boss tells us the latest bullet promotion has arrived, we're all at war.


16. There is a correct way to hang lingerie on those tiny hangers, and it's a real art.

Richard Duggan / BuzzFeed

We like the customers who want to make life easy for us and do it themselves, but usually we just have to rehang them to meet standards.