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This Is What The Arsenal Team Would Look Like Next Season According To Transfer Rumours

It looks like Arsenal will win the Premier League, the Champions League, the FA Cup, the League Cup, and the Community Shield after all.

As you are almost certainly aware, Arsenal's first big summer signing for the 2015/16 season was Petr Cech, whom they nabbed from London rivals Chelsea.

Very happy to announce that I have signed with @Arsenal

Seems unfair that Arsenal would make Cech take an exam on his first day.

And as is now customary, the first thing that happened was that people made vines in celebration.

Arsene And the Boys on the Streets Celebrating the Petr Cech Signing

Wenger kind of suits that hat.

If Arsenal get all the players they've been linked to this summer then their team will be truly extraordinary.


We're talking nearly like "Invincibles" levels of incredibleness here.

In fact, we took every player linked to Arsenal this summer and put it into the existing line up, so you can see how amazing it could be.


So here it is - what the Arsenal team would look like next year if they got every player they've been linked with... in a 1-2-4-4-6-5-5-5-2 formation with two rush goalkeepers.


Arsenal have been linked with more than 20 players this summer, and that number keeps on ticking up.

Only one player identified as one of their "main targets" has signed so far (Petr Cech). But there's still a couple of months until the transfer window closes.

Obviously, because... well, Wenger, Arsenal will end up making some signings but it will probably be none of the players above.

  1. Which of these players are Arsenal most likely to sign?

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Which of these players are Arsenal most likely to sign?
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    Arturo Vidal
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    Gonzalo Higuain
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    Julian Draxler
    vote votes
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
    vote votes
    Aiser Illarramendi
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    A French youth player from Ligue 1

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