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This Guy Made An Alan Partridge Commentary Video For His Six-A-Side Team

Eat my goal.

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Many British football fans will be familiar with the seminal Alan Partridge football commentary video from '90s parody current affairs programme The Day Today.

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Phrases such as "liquid football" and "eat my goal" from the minute-long "Countdown To World Cup '94" video are now ingrained in British football culture, some 20 years after The Day Today was broadcast on the BBC.

One guy has gone to admirable lengths to recreate the video as a round-up for his six-a-side team's 2015 season, recreating the graphics from the famous parody skit.

Joe Cronin

Joe Cronin, from London, created the video as a review of Isobar UK FC's season in their local six-a-side league.

Joe told BuzzFeed Football about his inspiration for the video:

"I'd just finished a lovely lamb lunch at Legoland and thought, there's only one way to sum up our Champions League finish this season – a revival of Alan's 1994 World Cup round-up."

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