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18 Things Guaranteed To Wind Up Chelsea Fans Today

Sadly not just loads of pictures of Sergio Augero.

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1. This guy, who dressed as a doctor this weekend to troll Jose Mourinho.

Cheeky. This Man City fan has come dressed as a medic & posted himself near Jose Mourinho's technical area.

2. This take on Carlsberg's advertising slogan.

#LCFC in Champions League qualifying place and Chelsea in a relegation dog fight. Carlsberg don't do weekends, but if they did.....

3. This predictable, yet still funny, photoshop.

#MCFC 3-0 #CFC Chelsea's title challenge so far...

4. This piece of very unsubtle trolling.

Goals this season: Chelsea - 2 Vincent Kompany - 2

5. This very slightly different take on a Chelsea bus joke.

6. Stats generally...

Points earned by Chelsea after 2 Premier League matches under Jose Mourinho: 04/05: 6 05/06: 6 06/07: 3 07/08: 6 13/14 6 14/15: 6 15/16: 1

7. Yep, the stats don't look good.

70 - Chelsea had to wait until the 70th minute for their first shot on target against Man City. Toil.

8. This very neat summary of Diego Costa's performance in comparison to Sergio Aguero.

Sergio Aguero spent that entire match trying to score goals and play football. Diego Costa spent it trying to win free-kicks and pick fights

9. This, perhaps slightly harsh, meme.


10. This song choice from Man City after the game.

City troll Chelsea by playing Madness "One Step Beyond" Chelsea's tune of victory

11. The haunting memory of Ramires celebrating that non-goal. Which probably should have been a goal.

12. The fact we're now all talking about John Terry instead of Chelsea's performance.

Times John Terry subbed in PL: 7 - Ranieri 3 - Grant/Ancelotti 1 - Scolari/Di Matteo/Benitez/ Mourinho

13. This entirely accurate observation.

Kompany's forehead is bigger than Chelsea's history.

14. This tongue-in-cheek prediction...

I can now make the following Premier League predictions: Champions - Man City Relegated: Bournemouth, Sunderland, Chelsea

15. The fact that Chelsea still have to play one of the main title favourites.

Worth remembering though, both Chelsea and City still have to play Leicester...

16. Yet more facts... actual facts.

Chelsea have now conceded 9 goals in their last 4 Premier League games.

17. This heat map of the noise levels at Man City today.


18. And finally, this vine of Sergio Aguero trying to find out what happened to John Terry...