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People On Twitter Are Really Confused About "The Ghost Of Ladbrokes"

It's nearly two whole months until Halloween.

England took on Switzerland at Wembley on Tuesday night, but it wasn't the on-pitch action that immediately grabbed the attention of viewers.

Steve Bardens - The Fa / Getty Images

Fans at home noticed a very, very faded Ladbrokes sign, and started questioning whether their TVs were broken.


How've @Ladbrokes managed to get an advert on the pitch? Or is my TV broken......

Is it just me or does it faintly say 'ladbrokes' on the final third of the pitch #ENGvSWI

I'm definitely seeing a feint 'Ladbrokes' logo on the left side of the Wembley pitch. Or have I been gambling too much? #ENGvSWI

It seemed to have a weird effect on some people...

Suddenly got the urge to place a bet with Ladbrokes

A number of people thought it was part of some big subliminal advertising conspiracy.

@Ladbrokes are subliminally advertising on the pitch of this game. #ENGvSWI

What the hell. Is this subliminal "Ladbrokes" advertising on the pitch? 3 of them!

@ladbrokes I see what you did there. Right when @Williamhill was being advertised #ENGvSWI

But the far, far better theory was that the match was being haunted by "the ghost" of Ladbrokes.

Tonight's England football match comes haunted by Ladbrokes #ENGvSWI

Even cult England hero Peter Crouch subscribed to this theory.

What's with the ladbrokes ghost in each half 👻 #ENGvSWI

But after some detective work, it was revealed that the Ladbrokes sign was left over from the Rugby League Challenge Cup final last week.

Daniel Smith / Getty Images

Free advertising for @Ladbrokes tonight in the #England game. Still left over from the rugby. 💷

This is obviously a much more boring explanation.

Ladbrokes later tried to capitalise on the incident but were deservedly shot down in flames.

Gr8 banter m9

  1. What do you think the real reason for the Ladbrokes sign is?

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What do you think the real reason for the Ladbrokes sign is?
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    A ghost
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